Kitchen Design

A superior kitchen design plan is crucial to the success of your establishment. It can “make or break” your business. Our TRG restaurant consultants have real-world restaurant operations experience to design your kitchen and bar for hospitality settings of every size and scale. We believe in solutions that improve productivity and excite your customers.

Let TRG provide a full suite of services for your new or improved restaurant and bar. We have the talent to turn you ideas into productive results.


Nailing the Right Restaurant Design

In the restaurant industry, an impressive design encompasses more than aesthetics. The layout of a kitchen and/or bar should be tailored to the purpose for those spaces. For example, you build a bar or restaurant that reflects your brand and the core values of your concept. Your customers feel comfortable and welcome. Your kitchen is equipped to serve them in a way they expect.

Guidance For Your Project

At TRG, we have the tools and the know-how to assist you in your restaurant design dream — whether it is for a new concept or a remodel of an existing location. As hospitality professionals with decades of experience, we’ve seen plenty of kitchens and bars succeed and fail. We’re focused on crafting a design that provides the foundation for operational success.

Restaurant Kitchen and Bar Design

The TRG project services include the layout and design of commercial kitchens, bars, and supporting service areas as well as the mechanical requirements for electrical, plumbing, gas, remote beverage systems, and more.

Profit-Oriented Kitchen and Bar Design

Starting your own restaurant can be an amazing challenge. In order to manage costs and increase your chances of success, work with a kitchen and bar expert like TRG to design your plan and get it right the first time.


Comprehensive Restaurant and Bar Design Services

Overall Services:

  • Architectural and interior design plan integration
  • Mechanical, electrical & plumbing requirements
  • Creation of equipment specification booklets
  • Kitchen and bar equipment selection
  • Foodservice layout and design
  • Professional installations
  • Project management
  • Permit support

Equipment Specification Booklet:

  • Custom stainless steel shop drawings
  • Required accessories/finishes
  • Ventilation system drawings
  • Manufacturer/brand name
  • Mechanical requirements
  • Manufacturer cut-sheets

Services and Equipment Selection:

  • Custom stainless steel design and fabrication
  • Commercial extraction hoods and canopies
  • Standard kitchen ventilation and extraction
  • Make-up air systems and replenishment
  • Carbon filter systems and odor control
  • Full set of plans and permitting
  • Equipment delivery and install
  • Hygienic plastic wall paneling
  • Nonslip flooring applications
  • Stainless steel wall paneling
  • Silencers and noise control
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Gas interlock systems
  • All kitchen equipment
  • Dining-room FF&E
  • Staircase railings
  • Beverage stations
  • Chef’s counter
  • Custom bars
  • Smallwares

Equipment Specification Booklet:

  • FRP wall paneling Kitchen extraction/ventilation systems
  • Commercial extraction canopies/hoods
  • Custom stainless steel fabrication
  • Commercial kitchen equipment
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Stainless steel wall paneling
  • Non-slip flooring products
  • Gas interlocking systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Smallwares and supplies
  • Carbon control systems
  • Odor control systems
  • Make-up air systems
  • Beverage stations
  • Custom millwork
  • Stairway railings
  • Chef’s counters
  • Custom bars

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