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New Restaurant Concepts

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Restaurant Process

At TRG, we work in a collaborative process with owners, developers, architects and property holders to implement the highest quality of service your restaurant can achieve. We conceptualize and develop a specific plan of action to align with your business goals. We use a 5-step approach to design top-performing restaurants.

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When it’s time to introduce your brand to the world, TRG offers a range of services to market your brand including graphic design, content, and printed copy for all of your marketing and advertising needs. We serve food and beverage venues of any type: hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and more.

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Kitchen Design

A superior kitchen design plan is crucial to the success of your establishment. It can “make or break” your business. Our TRG restaurant consultants have real-world restaurant operations experience to design your kitchen and bar for hospitality settings of every size and scale. We believe in solutions that improve productivity and excite your customers.

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Startup Consulting

Starting a restaurant is a business adventure like no other. The world of hospitality is exciting and promising, but it leads to many challenges and some tough competition. If you’re considering your own restaurant startup, you need a company like TRG to get your business off the ground running.

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Business Plans

When you make the decision to open a restaurant, the first thing you must do is create a business plan. At TRG, we guide you with a business plan that contains important details and forecasting for your restaurant. A comprehensive business plan is crucial to your business success, used as a guideline for each step of the process and required for any business owner that plans to seek financing.

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