Multi-Unit Operations

One of the key issues for multi unit restaurant operators is maintaining profitability across locations. This is an issue that often is not addressed adequately until owners begin to analyze whether their operations are structured in the most optimal way. Here are some operational issues we assess to create profitable goals for your restaurant.

  • Discovery

    Many multi unit restaurant operators have no idea what is working and not working at their locations. They simply have not monitored revenue performance week over week and have not observed the way their teams work to deliver food and service. It is important to know what your restaurant is doing and how it carries out basic functions.

  • Concept Design

    Some restaurant operations suffer from poor concept design. Often, the general idea for executing a restaurant is too cluttered and has too many components or has not been fleshed out well enough. Concepts should be fully tested and implemented to capitalize on unique local fare.

  • Menu Development

    A good rule of thumb for developing a successful menu is to choose a cuisine focus and develop tasty recipes that distance you from the competition. The best restaurants know they cannot be everything to every customer and narrow their menu offerings to cultivate a specifically targeted crowd.

We have helped countless of multi unit restaurant operators properly assess their performance in these areas and fine-tune their operations to improve profitability. TRG has helped more than hundreds of multi-unit brands choose the right and innovative strategic planning solutions of to improve operations and maximizes multi unit growth.

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