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Our Services

  • Restaurant Branding

    Restaurant Branding

    TRG is nationally renowned for restaurant branding and beverage branding expertise. We have helped countless of new and existing restaurants to create an identity that destroy ordinary and common identities.Our restaurant branding strategy is a full service plan which consists of creating brand logos, menu design, stationery design, packaging and much more. We ensure to create a consistent image and have all elements in unison through any outlet its perceived. Branding with TRG will create an immersive experience for restaurant startups or help evolve an existing brand.

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  • Existing Restaurant Consulting

    Existing Restaurant Consulting

    More than likely you have dwelled on your operation and wondered “ How can I improve my restaurant?” That’s where we come in. We take the time to evaluate the high’s and lows your operation and look for the missing links in the equation. Every part of your business is evaluated by a highly trained consultant with over 20 years of experience who will examine all aspects of your operation. We provide you with a detailed overview of your business from an outside, objective standpoint and will then improve your restaurant from the inside out.

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  • Foodservice Design Consultants

    Foodservice Design Consultants

    Need help on how to design your restaurant ? We start with the heart of the facility, and create layout and design for your commercial kitchen. Our kitchen planning consultation is great for startup restaurants or for those seeking to remodeling an older restaurant kitchen and commercial bar. We've built a reputation as being the primary source for creative kitchen solutions in the America’s. Learn what our kitchen design services come with to turn your restaurant into profitable foodservice business.

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  • Restaurant Startup Development

    Restaurant Startup Development

    As restaurant consultants we help entrepreneurs create a business plan with a clear vision for a restaurant concept from the ground up. Our planning encompasses conceptual, operational and financial insights, strategies and big ideas that will enable your restaurant to have a sustainable competitive advantage.With our world class expertise we can turn your vision into reality for any sector in the restaurant industry, from fine dining, chain restaurants, or as independent operators.

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  • Investment Opportunities

    Investment Opportunities

    The Restaurant Group provides services not to eliminate the risks of restaurant investing, but to try to manage these risks.As specialists in helping individuals find the best fit franchise business for their investment, we analyze every business savvy investor’s plan. We provide our expertise to help create scalable concepts that will be offered as franchise opportunities to others in the future.

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  • Dominate with a Great Business Plan

    Dominate with a Great Business Plan

    If you are new to the foodservice and hospitality industry, a business plan is imperative. It is the cornerstone of a great restaurant and without one, the concept and operation becomes a moving target. If you skip creating a business plan in your initial stage, you will find yourself reacting to financial matters as opposed to planning for them. This is not how you want to run your restaurant.

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  • Restaurant Management Recruiters

    Restaurant Management Recruiters

    We know you are always thinking about how to make your restaurant better but TRG know it starts with having a qualified team and efficient managers. We help you recruit the best talent to manage and retain a strong leadership within your workforce. We execute plans to create top leadership by helping you through the complexities of effectively managing your restaurant.

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  • Analysis to Improve Restaurant’s Efficiency

    Analysis to Improve Restaurant’s Efficiency

    Restaurant efficiency is a significant driver of profitability. Our restaurant operations assessment will provide insights on the opportunities to improve your restaurant. Running an analysis on your current restaurant’s standings will help point potential cost savings and improvements and help your business grow.

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