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The Importance of an Effective Press Release

Restaurant press release

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. This adage is especially true in the case of writing and distributing a press release to the media. Sloppy, inaccurate and pointless releases are the first to hit the bottom of a reporter’s trash can. To make sure yours isn’t one of them, consider these suggestions:

Accuracy Counts 

It is better to not send a press release at all than distribute one that is plagued with typos and inaccuracies. Make sure you thoroughly proofread the copy and provide the necessary contact information.

Why Hire A Restaurant Consultant?

Restaurant Consultant

Professional restaurant consulting is an increasingly common service that is provided in the restaurant and hospitality industry today. In part it’s because restauranteurs, owners and management alike are looking for help in growing, turning around or opening their businesses and have realized that a non-biased professional opinion and plan is an effective resource.

Still across the country, thousands of restaurants go out of business every year – sometimes before they celebrate their first anniversary. Many dining establishments can avoid the same fate if they implement the guidance of a seasoned restaurant consultant who can help in every aspect of operations.

Will An Operational Analysis Help Your Restaurant?

operational analysis

What is an Operational Analysis and how does it work?

In this article we’ll answer these questions and explore the benefits of an operational analysis.

Regardless of what industry your business serves, it never hurts to have a knowledgeable third party look at every aspect of your operations to identify potential areas of improvement. If you are a restaurant owner who is struggling, an in-depth study from a restaurant consultant can save your livelihood and help you rebound.

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